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Classify and tag files of any kind


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Taggtool Desktop is a simple tool that lets you add tags to any file, document, or folder on your hard drive, making them much easier to find.

The tags you add to your files will be saved to the program's database rather than to the files themselves. That means regardless of what you do with your files, the tags will always be synched (as long as you don't uninstall the application, of course).

Some examples of elements you can add tags to include: text files, images in any format, all types of audio and video files, entire folders, etc.

Taggtool Desktop is very useful for users who tend to fill up their hard drives with all sorts of files and end up not knowing where anything is. With the help of this program, you can find anything on your computer much more easily.

This trial version works for 30 days only.

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